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Laminated Woven Bags
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This product is most suitable for the following business sectors:

Househols Goods

Personal Goods

Takeway Food & Beverage

MGL Laminated woven bags or known as PP Laminated bags are among the best water resistance packaging used widely by chemicals industries. Laminated woven bags has laminated a layer of coating on outer surface of the bags to prevent materials from leakage or damaged caused by external elements. In other hand, to protects the material from absorption of moisture and prevents contents from losing moisture. MGL laminated woven bags offers a better protection and dust or water proof packaging for materials especially powdered form. 

MGL Carry pack Pvt. Ltd. has one of the most sophisticated and Hi-Tech unit in P.P.Non Woven Bags manufacturing segment. Being among the beginners in manufacturing Non woven bags , we have high class experience in manufacturing Non Woven Bags in Indian Environmental Conditions.

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